Our Boards

Selecting the right board for the conditions and the level if the rider is one of the most important elements in surfing.  With the right equipment you will catch more waves, have more fun, and most important of all, you will be safe in the water.  Often we find that beginner SUP/surfers select a board that is too advanced for their skill level which leads to a poor experience in the water.  Catching waves is one of the most rewarding things to do in any sport and we want to share our stoke with you!  Remember that surfing is hard! Think twice before you paddle out with that short board or SUP that is too small.  Volume is your friend as a beginner! 

We will help you match your skill level to an appropriate volume and board type. We offer a wide selection of stand up paddle boards and surf boards for beginners, intermediate, and advanced riders of all ages and sizes.  We have some great soft top SUP and surf boards that are ideal for those looking to either tour on a SUP board or catch maximum waves with a board that won't hurt you or others in the water.  We also have intermediate and advanced equipment for those looking to shred our amazing waves like Geo and the other rippers do! We have hourly, daily and weekly rates for all of our equipment which you can find on the link below.